24/7 Towing

24/7 Towing is built on top of 2 main projects

The dispatch center

The dispatch center is the place or your dispatch and managers can add create view all your tows, it currently is able to:

  • View/Update/Delete Cars, Customers, Tows
  • Dispatch Drivers, Track Drivers, Assign Jobs
  • Generate daily shift reports per driver
  • Generate Impound Notices
  • Generate Invoices and Bills
  • Show tow routes, show routes between timestamps
  • Generate Mail from templates (Notification, Auctions, Impound Notices)
  • Detect Make, Model, Year from VIN numbers

The drivers center

The driver center is an app for Android/iPhone that works in sync with the dispatch center from it the drivers can:

  • Receieve and View Tows
  • See tow details (distance, quotes, car/customer information)
  • Provide real time feed back of the tow status
  • Enter Car data such as damages and type of tow (flatbed, winch)
  • Track their departure and arrival
  • Adjust tow with the items used (snatch blocks, flares, oil pads)
  • Soon will be able to generate bills and text/email them